Uncategorized April 27, 2024

Discover Auburn’s Artistic Hub: Artifactory – Local Art & Home Decor

Tucked away in Auburn, Alabama lies Artifactory, a upscale home furnishings store perfect for art lovers and home decor enthusiasts. This boutique isn’t just about furnishing spaces; it’s a vibrant store celebrating local creativity and community bonds.

At Artifactory, every piece tells a tale. Featuring exquisite fine china to luxurious bedding and captivating wall art, each item reflects a love for Auburn and the talents of its local artists. Whether you seek a bold centerpiece or subtle accents, Artifactory offers something for everyone.

However, what sets Artifactory apart the most, is its steadfast support for local talent. By spotlighting Auburn’s local artists, the store not only encourages creativity but also nurtures a sense of pride and belonging within the community.

Because of Artifactory’s commitment to the community, there’s no surprise you will find a large Auburn Art collection. Capturing the spirit of Auburn University and its surroundings, these pieces showcase the local love for the Auburn and it’s rich history. You will find depictions of iconic landmarks to snapshots of game day fever. The Auburn Art collection allows visitors to carry a piece of the Auburn spirit home.

But, the spirit of Auburn doesn’t stop with the arts. Beki Thompson, the dynamic owner, is deeply engaged in Auburn University’s Student Veteran Program. She and her husband sponsor many fundraisers to help support veterans who have come “home” to obtain their degrees at Auburn Univeristy. Beyond entrepreneurship, Beki’s commitment to supporting student veterans follows the store’s vision of community involvement and meaningful connections.

Seeing that Beki is deeply routed in the heart of Auburn there’s no surprise that Artifactory isn’t just a retail space; it’s a vibrant testament to Auburn’s spirit and the flourishing creativity within the area. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, stepping into Artifactory promises inspiration and joy, fostering a deeper appreciation for Auburn’s artistry and camaraderie.

Check out www.artficatoryauburn.com to find out more about this amazing store and business owner.