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What Moves Her: Nourish Foundation

The Nourish Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and support in the community, dedicated to combating food insecurity and promoting wellness. Co-founded by Katie Wolter, a pediatrician with a passion for flower farming, the foundation intertwines multiple initiatives to create a holistic approach to community support. For the month of June, Kent McCown Group is partnering with the Nourish Foundation as part of our “What Moves Her” initiative, further amplifying the foundation’s efforts and bringing more resources to their vital programs. This blog will delve into the various facets of the Nourish Foundation, including Nourish Wellness, Nourish Blooms, and its impactful produce box program.

Nourish Wellness

Nourish Wellness is a key component of the Nourish Foundation, focusing on overall health and wellness within the community. This initiative provides essential resources and support to families, ensuring they have access to nutritious food and wellness programs. The missio

n of Nourish Wellness is to promote healthy living and prevent chronic diseases by addressing the root causes of food insecurity and poor nutrition.

Nourish Blooms

Nourish Blooms is aninnovative arm of the Nourish Foundation that merges the beauty of locally grown flowers with the mission of providing fresh produce

to food-insecure families. Founded by Katie Wolter, Nourish Blooms allows community members to purchase beautiful, locally sourced flowers. The proceeds from these sales are funneled back into the foundation, directly supporting its mission to provide fresh produce to those in need.

Nourish Blooms not only brings joy to its customers through vibrant blooms but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility. By purchasing flowers from Nourish Blooms, customers contribute to the foundation’s efforts to combat food insecurity and support local agriculture.


Produce Box Program

One of the most impactful initiatives of the Nourish Foundation is its produce box program. Every week, the foundation provides fresh produce boxes to 25 families in need. This program ensures that these families have access to nutritious fruits and vegetables, which are essential for maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. The weekly delivery of produce boxes is a lifeline for many, helping to bridge the gap between food insecurity and wellness.

The Founders

Katie Wolter, alongside co-founder Beth Hornsby, has been instrumental in driving the vision and mission of the Nourish Foundation. As a pediatrician, Katie has firsthand experience in recognizing the effects of food insecurity on health, particularly in children. Her passion for flower farming and commitment to community health led to the creation of Nourish Blooms and the broader Nourish Foundation initiatives. Together, Katie and Beth have built a foundation that not only provides immediate relief to food-insecure families but also promotes long-term wellness and community engagement.


The Nourish Foundation exemplifies how a community-focused organization can make a significant impact by addressing food insecurity and promoting wellness. Through the combined efforts of Nourish Wellness, Nourish Blooms, and the produce box program, the foundation is making a tangible difference in the lives of many families. By supporting the Nourish Foundation, community members can enjoy beautiful flowers and contribute to a cause that brings health and hope to those in need. Join us in celebrating and supporting the Nourish Foundation’s mission to foster a healthier, more connected community.

“Hunger is not a problem. It is an obscenity. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

 – Anne Frank

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